We design and build training programs, facilities and social enterprises to ensure our girls and women become well equipped, empowered and active members of society.

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High quality education, safe housing & nourishment for girls.
Training and support for women.
Nourishing & stimulating environments for our resident elderly.

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Sathyam Empowerment Centre

Our next project is an education space and training facility for all generations Learn more

Every single girl or woman that comes through has an equally challenging story, but one thing in common: coming to KKSS has given them their choices back, their dignity back, and their life back.

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Some stories of the girls and women

Kanaka, 7 years

Severely anaemic, weighing only 20kg and near-orphaned, 7 year old Kanaka was brought into KKSS with her mother who had a fractured spinal cord after being violently abused by her drunken husband. Her mother received medical care …
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Savatri, 12 years

12 year old Savatri was brought into KKSS when it was found she was in her home alone for long periods of time as her mother had to leave to work as a house maid in another city. Shy, badly malnourished and with poor vision, KKSS …
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Today’s girls.

Tomorrow’s women changing the narrative in India.

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We made it to €1,000 per month support

In July we reached out to our small Sathyam community with another request this year. That KKSS was in a pretty dire situation due to the reduction of over 60% of their funds because of the lockdown and subsequent economic fall …
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Celebrations at KKSS

Independence Day in India was celebrated in August, and it was a welcome respite from the current goings on of the pandemic in India. KKSS is in strict lock down with only authorized staff and carers allowed to enter the …
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